Mercedes-Benz Business Solutions.



What is Mercedes-Benz Business Solutions?

This is an agreement that combines the cost of vehicle finance and maintenance into a fixed monthly lease rate. 

This package is available to all businesses, whether your business has one employee or 100 employees. If you wish to hear more about Mercedes-Benz Business Solutions please enquire today.

What are the Benefits for your Business?

o 100% financing; no equity or initial deposit is usually required.
o Fixed interest rates.
o Fleet costs move from variable to fixed.
o Off balance sheet financing; the fixed monthly fee will sit on your P&L as opposed to your balance sheet and will therefore allow capital to be freed up from non-income earning assets.
o Removal of residual and operating risk.

What are the Advantages for You and Your Employees?

The below elements are included in your fixed monthly lease rate:

o 24-hour breakdown cover.
o Accident management.
o Maintenance and service.
o Repairs.
o Road Tax/NCT.
o Tyre replacement.